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ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement in Holland and Zeeland, MI - Westside Service

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement in Holland and Zeeland, MI

Wheel speed sensor monitors wheel speed and feeds this information into the ABS system (Anti-lock Braking System). Based on the information from the four wheels, the system ensures correct braking performance. Typically each wheel will have one sensor. If any of the sensors malfunction, you will likely see not just ABS warning light but also the check engine light – as a matter of fact, ABW sensor failure was, in 2023, one of the top 10 causes of the check engine light being turned on by the onboard computers.

Naturally, when you see ABS light or the check engine light, it’s time to visit your friendly local mechanic to have your vehicle diagnosed. At Westside Service in Zeeland and Holland we offer complete check engine light / ABS warning light diagnostics and repairs. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have extensive training, experience and cutting-edge digital tools necessary to properly diagnose these conditions.

Fundamentally, there are three signs of your vehicle’s ABS wheel sensor problems:

  • Check engine light is turned “on”
  • ABS warning light comes “on”
  • Traction or stability control warning light illuminates

Any one of these lights by themselves is reason enough to take your vehicle to a local auto repair shop. Please do not delay, as driving with compromised ABS system can have negative impact on your safety. Just call us at the Zeeland or one of the two Holland locations, and our friendly service staff will get your vehicle scheduled, and will have it diagnosed by our technicians. You will also experience:

  • Same day service / repair completion (in most cases)
  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty
  • Free local ride
  • Complimentary Digital Vehicle Inspection with service or repair

Westside Service locations in Holland and Zeeland, are full service auto car facilities, so no matter what the cause of the warning lights, our technicians can provide your vehicle with comprehensive repairs. Call to make an appointment, or make an appointment on our website, online.

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