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Monthly Archives: April 2023

Signs of an Alternator Problem vs. Battery Problem

Signs of an Alternator Problem vs. Battery Problem

If your automobile doesn't start, don't be too quick to assume your battery is dying. Starting problem could also be traced back to a faulty alternator. The alternator is a component responsible for generating electricity and charging the battery while the engine is running. If the alternator isn't working properly, your car's electrical system won't function correctly, and your battery won't stay charged. Here are some symptoms to look out for that can indicate whether you have an alternator problem or a battery problem: Signs of an Alternator Problem: Warning light: The battery warning light on your dashboard may come on if the alternator isn't functioning properly since a bad alternator can cause a dead battery. Electrical issues: If you're experiencing issues with your car's electrical system, such as dim headlights or a weak radio signal, these are indications that you need to test your alternator. Dead battery: If your batte ... read more

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