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Auto A/C R1234YF Recharge in Holland and Zeeland, MI - Westside Service

Auto A/C R1234YF Recharge in Holland and Zeeland, MI

Welcome to Westside Service, the premier Holland and Zeeland auto repair shop. Automotive air conditioning refill and repair are among the many services we provide. As the auto a/c systems change, we continue to expand our technical capabilities. One such change is the new auto a/c refrigerant: R1234YF.  At Westside service we offer both the old refrigerant, the R134a, as well as the new R1234YF refrigerant. We have equipped both Holland and Zeeland locations with the new equipment necessary to provide R1234YF refill service for our clients.

R123YF was formulated to be more environmentally friendly than the old R134a refrigerant. To prevent possible cross-contamination, R1234YF systems use different fittings, and the machines are also equipped with sensors that prevent accidental contamination with the old coolant. 

At our Holland and Zeeland auto care facilities we can provide your vehicle with broad range of ac services, including the R1234YF refrigerant recharge service. If you turn on your car’s ac system and notice that the air it releases is not quite as cold as you expected, there is a good chance your vehicle needs refrigerant refill. Our nationally ASE certified technicians will, naturally, inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning system to make sure there are no leaks or other problems before performing the R1234YF refill. This is particularly important when the vehicle uses R1234YR refrigerant, because the new refrigerant is expensive – we don’t want to refill the system just to see the refrigerant, and your money, literally evaporate. 

If you are not sure if your vehicle uses the new refrigerant, there is an easy way to find out – just consult owner’s manual. You may find a slight variation on the R1234YF name, but as long as you find “1234” in the name, it’s the new refrigerant. Here are some examples of the name variations used to designate the new, environmentally friendlier, refrigerant: HFO-1234, HFO-1234-YF, YF1234, HFO1234YF, R1234, YF-1234, R-1234-YF.

No matter what refrigerant your vehicle uses, bring it to our Holland or Zeeland facilities when your vehicle’s a/c starts blowing warm air – our highly skilled technicians will identify the cause of the problem and get it fixed. You can also expect clean, child-friendly, modern facilities, as well as:

  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with service or repairs
  • Same day service completion (in most cases)
  • Local shuttle for your convenience
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your a/c

So whether your vehicle uses the old R134a refrigerant, or the new R1234YF, bring it to Westside Service for a/c inspection and recharge service. Both Holland and Zeeland locations are available for your convenience, and we pride ourselves not only on friendly service, but on technical excellence as well.  

So call us at either shop to make an appointment, or if you prefer online appointments, you can make an appointment on our website. We are looking forward to satisfying your automotive service and repair needs. 

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