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Transmission Services in Zeeland and Holland, MI

The transmission of your vehicle is one of its most important components. Without a properly maintained transmission system, your drive won’t be as smooth as it should be and if transmission issues are neglected, transmission failure can lead to a vehicle that won’t run. Here at Westside Service in Zeeland and Holland, MI, we are the trusted choice in the area when it comes to the service and repair of transmissions on all makes and models of vehicles.

Your vehicle’s transmission is a group of parts assembled that allows the power from your engine to be sent to the rest of your vehicle so that it can drive. One of the important tasks of your transmission is to shift between gears as you are driving down the road. Whether you drive an automatic or manual, the transmission is extremely important. As a result, we offer various transmission repair and maintenance services at Westside Service’s locations in Zeeland and Holland, MI. Visit us today with any transmission issues that your automobile may be experiencing!

Our transmission services include:

  • System flushing
  • Rebuilding transmission
  • Replacing transmission

Maintaining the health of your transmission system can be a simple task, provided that you have a trusted technician like the excellent service members in Westside Service. Having your vehicle’s transmission fluid flushed is crucial to maintaining the overall condition of your transmission system for as long as possible. We recommend a transmission fluid flush every 2 years or roughly 30,000 miles. However, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more details on the right interval for your specific vehicle.

We want to do everything we can here at Westside Service to create a positive and convenient experience for you. Rest assured that we can service any transmission issue regardless of your car’s make and model. We also back our repairs with a 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty, and offer a free local shuttle service. Our Holland location also performs full transmission rebuilds if you are dealing with transmission failure.

For transmission repair in Zeeland and Holland, MI, give us a call here at Westside Service or schedule a visit with us online today!

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