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Fuel Injector Replacement in Holland and Zeeland, MI

Fuel Injector Replacement in Holland and Zeeland, MI - Westside Service

At Westside Service in Holland and Zeeland we offer wide range of auto repairs. Sometimes the part we need to replace is pretty small, yet it plays a vital role in your car’s operation. Fuel injector replacement definitely fits this category. Fuel injectors are small, yet they play a vital role in making your car move – fuel injectors spray a mist of fuel that will be ignited in the cylinders by the sparks from the spark plugs to power the engine. If the injectors malfunction, whether due to being clogged, cracked, or a part being worn out, it can cause a range of problems that will negatively impact your car’s ability to function. Faulty fuel injectors, if not replaced in a timely manner, can lead to engine damage.

Symptoms of Fuel Injector Problems:

  • Rough idling
  • Engine misfires
  • Lower fuel efficiency
  • Surging when accelerating
  • Stalling
  • Loss of power
  • Check engine light may come “on”

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it’s important to get your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop – fuel injector replacement is not something you can entrust to just anybody. At Westside Service in Holland and in Zeeland, we employ technicians certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and they possess both training and state-of-the-art tools to properly diagnose and repair fuel injector issues.

When you visit one of our auto care facilities, friendly service advisors will be happy to answer your questions, and you will experience not only superior customer service, but will also find:

  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with service or repairs
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your vehicle
  • for your convenience, free local shuttle
  • In most cases, same day service completion
  • 24 months / 24,000 miles warranty

So if your vehicle exhibits any symptoms listed above, do not delay calling a professional auto repair shop. Driving for prolonged time with faulty fuel injectors can cause expensive engine damage.

At Westside Service we offer convenient appointments, friendly service, and technical excellence. Call on of our Holland or Zeeland locations to make an appointment, or you can make an appointment on our website, if you find it more convenient, or if you are making an appointment after our regular hours of operation. We are looking forward to meeting you and servicing and repairing your vehicle.

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