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Alternator Repair and Replacement in Holland and Zeeland, MI - Westside Service

Alternator Repair and Replacement in Holland and Zeeland, MI

The alternator within your vehicle is an important part of its overall starting and charging system which gets your vehicle started and helps it stay running. We offer complete electrical system diagnostics and repairs, including alternator repair and replacement in Holland and Zeeland. The alternator’s job is to charge the battery as your car runs, and make sure that your accessories are powered as well. An electrical problem is typically attributed to a dying battery, however, a faulty alternator can produce similar symptoms.

If you suspect that your car needs an alternator repair in Zeeland or Holland, MI, we invite you to bring your car to the experts here at Westside Service regardless of the make or model you drive. Our state-of-the-art shops employ ASE-certified technicians who can get to the bottom of any problem at hand when it comes to your car’s electrical system. We use the best equipment and tools needed to test the battery and alternator to pinpoint the true cause of your car’s electrical issue.

Symptoms that can indicate an alternator issue include:

  • Failing power windows, radio, or locks
  • Dying battery
  • Dim headlights
  • Car stalls
  • Trouble starting up the engine
  • The battery warning light has turned on

As soon as you begin experiencing any of the warning signs listed above, it’s important to get your car into Westside Service for inspection and testing. A faulty alternator can leave you stranded and can lead to a dead car battery as well. Our shops have been trusted in the area for nearly 40 years and offer the highest quality of service. Plus, our repairs are covered by 24-month/24,000-mile warranty! We also offer:

  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Clean, child-friendly office
  • Free digital vehicle inspection with service or repairs
  • Convenient online appointments
  • Nationally ASE certified mechanics
  • Local shuttle for your convenience

For alternator repair in Zeeland or Holland, MI, call us here at Westside Service or schedule your next visit online today!

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