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Can You Drive With A Flat Tire?

To put it in simple terms, no it is not safe to drive with a flat tire. When driving over the speed of 35 miles per hour with a flat, you can put your vehicle at significant safety risks and cause major damage. However, the answer ultimately depends on how low of pressure the tire is at and what type of tire it is. 

To be considered a flat tire and not just an underinflated tire, the pressure must be below 20 psi. When your tire pressure drastically drops, the tire’s sidewall gets very hot. This makes the rubber material on the tire break down and can put you at risk of a blowout.

There are various types of tires – some of them can handle low pressures better than others. Tires that are considered Run Flat Tires and PAX Tires are able to drive safely up to 55 mph for a short period of time after the event that caused the pressure loss. However, most vehicles on the road are standard passenger tires. These put you at a greater of a tire blowout if you continue to drive with a flat tire.

Why Is It Bad to Drive with a Flat?

Diving with a flat tire significantly decreases your vehicle’s handling and safety. As mentioned before, it puts you at a higher risk of a major blowout. In other words, it is very dangerous to drive with a flat. It can also cause structural damage to other parts of your vehicle, including the brakes, wheel alignment, and more. Operating your car with a flat tire can cost you a pretty penny to have to replace the tire completely and repair other damages.

How to Avoid Flat Tires

  • Monitor tire pressure regularly
  • Inspect and rotate tires
  • Watch out for road hazards, like nails, glass, and other debris

If you need flat tire repairs or new tires, please visit the local tire experts at Westside Service. Feel free to call us today if you have any questions or concerns.

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