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Fall Auto Tune Up in Holland and Zeeland, MI

The weather is changing and we can expect more rain, and snow is coming as well. To get your car ready for the fall and winter driving, we recommend  the "Fall Tune Up". Even though the tune-up is not what it used to be - since most modern cars are self-tuning to a large extent ( thanks to on-board computers that control the richness of air-fuel mixture, change air intake as needed, and adjust many parameters "on-the-fly"), we still recommend having professional inspection of your vehicle's major components before the storms and the snow arrive.

The major concerns during fall and winter driving are vehicle control, stopping distance, visibility and starting. Vehicle control is in large measure influenced by the suspension. So we recommend suspension check, because worn out suspension can significantly increase stopping distance, and often the process of suspension wearing out is so gradual that drivers don't even notice that it's happening.

Brake inspection is also recommended, unless your vehicle had one done recently. Good brakes are always important for safety, but especially so on wet or snowy roads.

Tire condition is also important for wet-weather driving. There has to be sufficient tread remaining to allow the tire to evacuate water and prevent hydroplaning and loss of control over the vehicle.

Wiper blades check is an important part of the pre-winter inspections - Sun's UV rays damage the rubber in the wipers, so unless your vehicle has silicon wiper blades, we recommend a wiper blade check as well.

One more major concern is the car battery. A weak car battery can go through the summer without a hiccup, but the cold that comes with fall and winter will make it less efficient, and potentially result in a no-start condition - usually at the most inconvenient time. That's why we recommend battery check as well.

Preventive maintenance, including a "Fall tune-up", can keep your car from presenting you with unpleasant surprises during inclement weather - our Holland and Zeeland shops offer online appointments for your convenience, or simply call either shop - our friendly service advisors will be happy to assist you.

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