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Items To Keep in Your Car During Winter

Items To Keep in Your Car During Winter

Since winter is on the way, it’s a good idea to check if you have the right winter supplies in your car. Assuming you already arranged for the winter tires, here are some of the small items to keep in the vehicle, in case of  winter emergency:

Kitty Litter or Sandbags – can be used for getting the extra traction if your vehicle is stuck in an icy spot.

Ice Scraper – didn’t need it in the summer. Hopefully it’s somewhere in the car.

Shovel – A foldable or compact shovel in the trunk can come in handy should you slide into a snowbank.

Portable Cell Phone Charger -  keep one or two of these in the car, and make sure they are charged. You cannot count on the cigarette lighter or USB ports – if the battery runs down, there will be no power to either.

Something to Drink and Snacks– if you get stuck on the road, drinking water is extremely important, and snacks will keep hunger away.

Minor Tools – a good flashlight (check the batteries) and extra batteries.

Battery Cables – a set of battery cables to jump start your vehicle.

Emergency Kit for the Vehicle – emergency flares, reflective triangles, etc.

Extra Winter Clothes & Accessories – an extra coat, a pair of dry boots, dry socks, mittens / gloves, and a sweater or two. Emergency thermal blankets take up very little space, yet can be life savers if things get really tough.

First Aid Kit – we recommend that you keep a first aid kit in the trunk of your vehicle in case somebody gets hurt.

It is also a good idea to bring your vehicle for a checkup before the winter starts. Brake inspection, starting/charging system inspection (car batteries don’t like cold weather), windshield wipers, fluids check – these are just a few things that should be checked before the winter arrives. Any professional mechanic shop can perform these services, though of course we hope you will bring your vehicle to one of our locations.

At Westside Service Zeeland and Westside Service Holland we wish you safe winter travel.

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