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Warning Signs of an Aging Timing Belt or Chain

The timing belt of your vehicle plays a pivotal role in the mechanics of your automobile. It ensures that the engine cam and crankshaft rotate in sync. This results in perfection when the car's cylinders fire. You will find the timing belt near the front of the engine.

Timing Belt and Timing Chain

Some automobiles have timing chains instead of timing belts. This however, does not mean they are very different. Both the timing belt and chain perform the same function and have just a few differences.

The obvious reason being that the timing belt is made of rubber and the timing chain is made of a metallic chain.

Timing belts became a fun-favorite when they were introduced in the 60s. This was mainly because they were less noisy and lighter compared to the timing chain.

Thanks to advances in technology and mechanical skills, most modern cars are now going back to using timing chains mainly because they tend to last longer before they need to be replaced.

How to tell that your Timing Belt needs replacing

It is crucial to replace the timing belt immediately when you see or hear the signs. However, you do not have to wait until you experience the signs for you to change it. The timing belt is required by the manufacturer to be changed after every 60,000 to 100,000 miles the vehicle has covered.

A broken timing belt can result in a major engine breakdown or malfunction. When it is time for you to change your vehicle's timing belt or chain, you may notice some of these signs from your car.

  • Your vehicle's engine won't start
  • When there is a decrease in engine power
  • Squealing noise from the engine
  • The engine runs roughly
  • You have exhaust issues
  • When you notice that there is leaking of oil
  • Poor performance of the vehicle
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Overheating

It is very common for car owners to ignore the timing belt until it is too late. Do not be one of them. Take your car to the trusted mechanics at Westside Service for regular maintenance.

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