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What Can Cause Your Wheels to Go Out of Alignment

Have you ever driven your car and felt extreme instability? Your car is veering one way or another, and your car experiences the shakes. These signs are often related to wheel misalignment. While wear and tear can gradually shift your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment, it is usually disastrous accidents that cause your car’s wheels to knock out of alignment.


When you run over potholes, jam into a curb, or hit another car or object with heavy impact, you’re due for an alignment problem. Misaligned wheels may not seem obvious at first, but the symptoms worsen over time. Furthermore, the damage can spread to your suspension.


Experts and automakers recommend having your car’s alignment checked at least once a year just for safety measures. Wheel alignment involves the angles of your tires, also known as the toe and camber. We invite you to Westside Service for all your vehicle alignment needs/

Signs That Indicate Misaligned Wheels

  • Drifting Left or Right - Veering left or right is a dead giveaway that your wheels need realigning. If you drift off to one side when trying to drive on a straight road, please visit our shop soon.
  • Uneven Tread - When poor wheel alignment is left for too long, it will cause your tire treads to wear unevenly. If you notice feathering or one-sided wear, it is best to have your alignment check. 
  • Strange Steering - Your steering often interconnects with your wheels and suspension. So if you notice a vibrating or crooked steering wheel, don’t be surprised if you have an alignment issue. Steering becomes a difficult task when your wheels are pointed in the wrong way. 

As you can tell by several of the symptoms above, poor wheel alignment is extremely dangerous. If you want to avoid traffic hazards, please be responsible by keeping up with your tire alignment. 


A proper wheel alignment from Westside Service will result in better handling and safer driving. If you need to schedule a wheel alignment soon, please give us a call or fill out our online form today.

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