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When Do I Need to Replace My Vehicle Battery?

Vehicle batteries may seem like they last a lifetime, but just like any other batteries, they grow weaker and lose their charge quicker over time. Most mechanics suggest that you should replace your car battery every few years (5 years max.) so that you can continue to obtain reliability and peak performance out of it. Besides time, you can also look at the signs that may warrant a need for a new battery. 

Signs That You Need A Car Battery Replacement

If you're not experienced with automobiles, you probably can't pinpoint exactly when your battery may need to be replaced. Weak batteries rarely show signs of issues early on. However, your battery will need to be replaced if it demonstrates the following symptoms:

Car Takes Longer to Start

This is almost always a telling sign that the battery needs to be replaced soon. Sometimes, extremely cold weather (or hot) can make it more difficult to start your car. However, if the battery is nearly drained, you will have to face this challenge all the time. Once you have experienced this more than several times, it's best to start looking for a new battery.


A car with a healthy battery should not have any significant power surges. If the lights are dimming, you'll know it's time to replace the battery. In fact, you can check on your battery charge by revving your car with the headlights on. If the headlights get brighter as you accelerate, the battery is close to dying soon.

Frequent Jumpstarts

If you constantly rely on your jumper cables to jump-start your car every time, that's a clear sign that you should look for a new battery. Our team at Westside Service would be happy to assist you with a battery check and replacement.


If you need a battery replacement, we invite you to bring your car to Westside Service in Zeeland, MI, and Holland, MI, today!

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